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KINGSINE And BYD Has Come Together:Revolutionizing Power System Management with Engybrick

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Update time : 2023-06-16 14:37:02
KINGSINE has announced that it is now the exclusive supplier of Engybrick energy storage systems to BYD, the world's largest new energy vehicle manufacturer and the second-largest lithium-ion battery producer.

Engybrick is a Distributed Intelligent Power Monitoring Module that is designed to monitor power parameters in a power system. It can be placed at different locations throughout the power system and is connected to data acquisition and processing systems via a network. With its ability to monitor, control, acquire, transmit, store, and analyze data in real-time, Engybrick helps power system operators to understand the power system's operating status and performance, leading to improved reliability, safety, and economy.
Additionally, Engybrick can be integrated with other smart power devices, such as smart meters and load controllers, to create a smart power system that is automated, intelligent, and sustainable.
Compared to traditional installation methods in the power system, Engybrick greatly reduces asset costs and improves working efficiency. Thanks to its modular design, the compact installation in the din rail also saves up much space.
As the exclusive supplier of Engybrick energy storage systems to BYD, KINGSINE will play an increasingly important role in the global power management solution market.